Jun  July 2020
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Friday, Jul 3, 2020   
Award Winner
AK47  Death_Darkus [⁂] (7,679 kills with AK47)
Arctic Warfare Magnum  あさTengMalryまは、、 (159 kills with AWP)
Auto Shotgun  choá lày (1,716 kills with Auto Shotgun)
Best Latency  .Zen (31 ms average connection)
Boomer Slayer  Dope [◭] (139 Boomers killed)
Burn  Zero (17 kills with Burn Damage)
Chainsaw  [TW]LORI (26 kills with Chainsaw)
Charger Slayer  AssHome (107 Chargers killed)
Chrome Shotgun  jbourn (2,437 kills with Chrome Shotgun)
Desert Rifle  Mevius [я.ω] (3,552 kills with Desert Rifle)
Dual Pistols  Alchanii (1,185 kills with Dual Pistols)
General Slayer  Dope [◭] (17,887 kills)
Grenade Launcher  KCuong103 (212 kills with Grenade Launcher)
Helping Hand  KT (230 teammates revived)
Hero  AssHome (356 teammates saved)
Hunter Slayer  AssHome (106 Hunters killed)
Hunting Rifle  冰红茶[Ψ] (2,143 kills with Hunting Rifle)
Jockey Slayer  Dope [◭] (124 Jockeys killed)
Life Saver  NatSki [λ] (32 teammates defibrillated)
Longest Play Time  Dope [◭] (09:35:56h hours played)
M16 Rifle  Helen [Ψ] (4,977 kills with M16 Rifle)
M60  Alchanii (5,613 kills with M60)
Magnum  Alchanii (984 kills with Magnum)
Marksman  Mevius [я.ω] (1,523 headshots)
Medic  Yoor (19 teammates healed)
Melee Weapons (1,158 kills with Melee Weapons)
Military Sniper  xDoopiee (632 kills with Military Sniper)
Minigun  F.E.A.R.|EwigeRache[⁂] (16 kills with Minigun)
Molotov  Dope [◭] (1,302 kills with Molotov)
Most Improved Player  Mevius [я.ω] (4,810 points gained)
MP5 SMG  PsychoDuck (848 kills with MP5)
Murderer  mlem (57 Survivors executed)
Pipe Bomb  Dope [◭] (618 kills with Pipe Bomb)
Pistol  AssHome (9,104 kills with Pistol)
Protector  Helen [Ψ] (1,596 teammates protected)
Pump Shotgun  Parrots (1,598 kills with Pump Shotgun)
Sig Sauer SG552  Locklack_Nas (699 kills with SG552)
Silenced SMG  raz (633 kills with Silenced SMG)
SMG (469 kills with SMG)
Smoker Slayer  AssHome (58 Smokers killed)
SPAS-12  Dope [◭] (8,762 kills with SPAS-12)
Spitter Slayer  AssHome (157 Spitters killed)
Steyr Scout  Brothers of the Night's Watch (155 kills with Scout)
Tank Boss  mlem (57 kills as Tank)
Tank Slayer  ☠ Chief Rob ☠ (25 Tanks killed)
Witch Slayer  rushia-sama (3 Witches killed)